Surfing, Towan Valley


If you’re looking for breathtaking surf or an amazing nightlife, Newquay is the place to go.

Home to Fistral Beach and the famous Cribbar reef, Newquay is widely recognised as the surf capital of the UK.

The powerful and hollow waves produced at Fistral have helped to give Newquay a reputation for having one of the best beaches in Cornwall, but you don’t want to miss out on the other beaches Newquay has to offer.  Crantock is an equally stunning bay, whilst Little Fistral, Towan and Great Western also have a Cornish charm.

The town’s nightlife is guaranteed to be lively throughout the year. Many venues offer live music, and there is a wide selection of venues to choose from.

Accommodation in Newquay

Holiday Cottage by the Beach
Newquay is a major tourist destination which gets really busy in the peak season. If you want to avoid battling the crowds such a busy resort town, we recommend a stay in one of our holiday cottages at Towan Valley.  Newquay is just a short drive away, and we can guarantee you’ll spend much less time in queues and traffic.

15 miles from Towan Valley