They've only gone and built a holiday cottage website for German speaking tourists!

Aspects Holidays are branching out. They’ve decided to build a website dedicated to our euro-cousins’ holiday needs. The new site includes much of the information that is currently available on the British website. 

Urlaub in Cornwall

They wanted to make sure the information on their website was suited to a wide range of audiences and they feel this is a step in the right direction. The website will include all of their properties available for rent and all of them will (soon enough) include an accurate description written in fluent German. In order to avoid any uncomfortable miscommunication, they have employed native speakers of German to translate the information across – this is no mean feat but if anyone can master it…

Along with descriptions of the properties there is of course considerable information about our beautiful county. Our German visitors will be overwhelmed with a choice of visiting the serenity of St Ives or the fun frolicking of Falmouth, either way there will always be something to attract. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see how the Eden Project looks with a German twang to it. Apparently it’s simply Eden Projekt.

With the help of the Rosamunde Pilcher stories and the ease of access to the county provided by Newquay airport, Cornwall has fast become the destination of choice for many of our German friends.