The weather in Cornwall has a life of its own. It can be brilliant sunshine one minute and rain the next. And as quickly as it initially turned, it will flip back to that gorgeous sunshine.

Coping with the Cornish weather is almost an art form. Here are our top tips:

1 – BE PREPARED – always have a pac-a-mac in your bag/car, umbrella to hand, set of dry clothes – that way you will be ready when the rain pours. Also make sure you have your swimming togs because as fast as it started raining it will be back to brilliant swimming weather and you will be annoyed if you can’t take a dip.


2 – WELLIES and thick socks – Cornwall, even in Summer, can be a bit boggy. Keeping your wellies going all year will mean never being caught short on a trek through the countryside and it will also mean you fit in with the locals. Wellies can be quite the fashion statement. Even in short, shorts the right pair of wellies can be ever so fetching.


3 – CHECK the weather report – it won’t do you a lot of good but it’s never a bad idea to keep an eye. Cornish weather is notoriously unpredictable but the BBC and local news outlets do attempt to give us some idea of its actions.


4 – LAYERS – The temperature in Cornwall is relatively mild, even in Winter. In order to make sure you are comfortable, layer up. That way you can put on when you’re nippy and take off when you’re warm. Sea Salt offer some fantastic and stylish options that work well layered; these options are also responsibly sourced and crafted.


5 – SUMMER sun cream – in the summer and even spring, slap on the sun cream. Being so close to the water will mean you catch the sun easily. Great for working on your tan but you could ruin your holiday with sunburnt skin!


So there you have it, your guide to surviving the Cornish weather. You know what though, rain or shine, your worst day in Cornwall is still better than your best day in the city!