7 things you didn’t know about Cornwall Porthtowan Beach

7 things you didn’t know about Cornwall

In honour of St Piran’s Day, we've come up with 7 little facts about Cornwall

1. Cornwall is famous for its excellent cuisine.  We’ve all heard of Cornish pasties and Cornish cream teas, but have you heard of Stargazey pie? Its unique feature is fish heads (and tails) protruding from the pasty crust!  If that isn’t your cup of tea, we also have plenty of celebrity Chefs including  Rick Stein, Paul Ainsworth, Jamie Oliver and Paul Ripley running world-class restaurants on the North coast.

Stargazey Pie Cornwall flickr.com/photos.auneheadarts

2. The 5th of March is Cornwall’s national day, St Piran’s Day.  There are plenty of celebrations throughout the county, including beer festivals, live Cornish music events, and of course lots of pasty eating!

Cornish Flag

3. Cornwall produces its own cider and beer. The Cornish Cyder Farm has given us the well-known Scrumpy and Rattler ciders, whilst the likes of Skinners, Sharps and St Austell Breweries have given us a long list of Cornish beers.

Cornish Ciderthecornishcyderfarm.co.uk

4. Cornwall is completely cut off from the rest of the UK by the Tamar river, which forms the border between Devon and Cornwall.  The name ‘Tamar’ is said to mean ‘Great Water’.

River Tamar Cornwallcornwall24.net

5. Cornwall has its own language, ‘Kernowek’, and its own tartan!

Cornish Tartancornish-tartans.co.uk

6. Cornwall is a land of myths and legends, including the Beast of Bodmin Moor which is said to be a panther-like creature roaming the moors. Have you ever spotted it?

Beast of Bodmin Moor Cornwallstevecolgan.com

7. Cornwall has many incredible beaches! This isn’t a little known fact, but it’s certainly one of the best things about this beautiful county!



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